Sunscreen Edit

[[[Sun-Hi Song|Sun-Hi]] and Plim walks into the woods, while Sun-Hi has a sunburn, being red.]

Sun-Hi: Ow ow, ow!

Plim: Should've put on sunscreen.

Sun-Hi: Man, I wish I took that sunscreen from home! This callous will miss up my good time at the water park.

Plim: Don't worry Sun-Hi, we're going to have a ton of fun. We'll have some milkshake, I'll get some compliments on my pretty wings and I'll get all the guys.

Sun-Hi: You look like a butterfly.

Plim: I'M HOT!

Sun-Hi: Oh-no! My skin is more painful, like your back being shredded by a million dirty claws!

Plim: I told you so...

Sun-Hi: [runs back home] GO ON WITHOUT ME! I'll take a shortcut on Rocky Mountain!

Rocky Mountain Edit

Sun-Hi: [Sings "Sunscreen"] Oh! My sunscreen! It must've fallen on the ground form a bag!

Tree: You're good!

Sun-Hi: Whoa! A little tree! Hi, my name is Sun-Hi Song!

Tree: Hi, my name is, uh..... "tree".

Sun-Hi: Do you wanna come to the water park with me?

Tree: I can't, I'm a tree and trees can't move.

Sun-Hi: Well, if you're hungry, here's a cheeto.

Tree: [eats the cheeto] It's great! Thank you!

Sun-Hi: Later! [walks away]

Water Park Time! Edit

Plim: You're back!

Sun-Hi: [Panting] I meet... a tree!

Plim: Whatever...

Miss Carr: Welcome to the water park, kids.

Sun-Hi: Thanks, but I've been going foot nude in the shoe and now I got this turbo huge callous from the sunburn earlier today.

Miss Carr: Oh querido. Well, sit down and relax. Oh, by the way, I've entered everyone's name into a raffle and the winner gets whatever is in that. [Points to a large blue cooler on the side of the table.]

Sun-Hi: Mysterious. Oh, brought something for the party!

[Sun-Hi brings out a heart-shaped rock.]

Miss Carr: Oh, how wonderful! ¡Gracias!

Conversation Edit

Teen #1: And she was like [makes kissing sounds] "Mwah", and he was like "Mwah," and I was like [retches].

Teen #2: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Teen #1: Anyway my mom said that muffins that are like this big.

Teen #2: Those things are too sweet for me.

Wet One Edit

[Sun-Hi and Plim walks to the snack bar all wet.]

Sun-Hi: Whoo ooh! Whooo hooo!

Miss Carr: [Announces] ¡Atención! It's time for the raffle. And the winner is.... Sun-Hi Song.

Sun-Hi: Whoa, cool.

Miss Carr: ¡Enhorabuena! You have won a... rubber snake. [Hands it to Sun-Hi.] Here you go.

Sun-Hi: Awesome.

Plim: [Laughs] A rubber snake!

= END =