The Sun-Hi Mini-Show is a mini series and a spinoff of Believe in Sun-Hi.

Plot Edit

A mini-series about Sun-Hi and Plim takes on harrowing adventures.

Characters Edit

Mini-episodes Edit

No. Title Description
1 First Take Sun-Hi interrupts a TV broadcast by putting on a cooking show.
2 Silly Cartoons Sun-Hi begins cleaning the house.
3 Globophobia Sun-Hi has a fear of balloons.
4 Dramabomb! Miss Carr and Sun-Hi takes Drama Class.
5 Computer Failures Sun-Hi makes a video about herself.
6 What Is Candy? Sun-Hi teaches viewers about candy and sweets.
7 Sugar Honey Miss Carr gets a dating profile.

Trivia Edit

  • This mini-series is non-canon.
  • All the characters are in there chibi form.
  • In the mini-series, the characters often breaks the fourth wall, because the series is non-canon.