This is the final part of the ending story.

Description Edit

Sun-Hi finally realizes she loves Momomo, and back in the apartment, when Momomo tells Sun-Hi that he loves her, she also tells him that she loves him too. But soon then, an Angelbot named Nanana has taken control from within Momomo.

Ending Edit

Later in the scene, Sun-Hi begs Nanana to stop getting any closer to the sky, then Momomo kisses Sun-Hi just before entering to the sky and he confesses his true feeling for Sun-Hi that he loves her. So once they arrive to the sky, Momomo repeats herself "I love you" to Sun-Hi while Nanana subsides and disappears just before they both disappear, ending the series' finale with a shot of the feather, as Sun-Hi picks it up and keeps it to remember Momomo and says to herself, "I love you, Momomo".

Trivia Edit

  • This is the series' finale.
  • This the the third episode to focus on the relationship between a human and an angelbot.
  • Momomo, Nanana and Deathless no longer exist.
  • Momomo cries for the first time ever.