"Princess Tourmaline" is an unseen character in the series.

History Edit

She was the princess of the planet called Quartzite Planet from 1704 to 1999, til' her death. She is immortal. Enthralled by the beauty of Earth, the princess led her friends and allies in a rebellion against her mother, the Queen over 5,000 years prior to the events of the series, successfully preventing the rebellion invasion of the planet. She eventually got involved in a romantic relationship with the poor orphan named Wart.

Symbols Edit

Her symbol appears repeatedly throughout the series.

Symbol Description
A pink heart-shaped gemstone in always

appearing on a wall or a fountain.

Abilities Edit

  • Healing Kiss: Power to heal others with a kiss. She can heal others physical and mental damage.
  • Immortality: The power to never age and recover from almost any injury. She possess an infinite life span, and can shrug off virtually any kind of physical damage. Sometimes she the defensive type, simply preventing such damage from appearing (invulnerability/protection), while others are the regenerative type, surviving and quickly recovering from anything you throw at them.