The Episode Begins Edit

[[[Sun-Hi Song|Sun-Hi]] in her house talking on the phone.]

Sun-Hi: You wanna sing that during the party?

Chad: Yeah.

Sun-Hi: Why?

Chad: Because I’ll look really cool!

Sun-Hi: *chuckling* You’ll look, like a clown.

[Sun-Hi hangs up the phone.]

Sun-Hi: Yes, a very hilarious clown.

3:00 AM Big Burger Edit

[Sun-Hi walks into the restaurant AT 3:00 AM.]

Sun-Hi: *slams money on counter* Just give me the meal.

Kate: Sure. So that's, two fries, a large drink, and a hamburger. That will be $25.

Sun-Hi: Ugh. You and you're dirty mouth.

Kate: Look, Sunshine. There's this party going on at Lucy's tomorrow and the bikini babes, hmm... they all like, hot girls. You’re not exactly a hot girl, Scorcher!

Sun-Hi: *angrily* LAY OFF!

[Sun-Hi exits the place.]

Sun-Hi: *Blushes and starts to cry* Oh, dad. Where are you? Isn't there somebody who can protect me?

(An earthquake starts.)

Sun-Hi: Wha...? *stands up and looks at the sky*

(Sun-Hi sees petals circling around, creating a a wind)

Sun-Hi: Wha?!

(Sn-Hi sees Plim)

Plim: *slowly opens her eyes dramatically*

Sun-Hi: *stares with awe*

Plim: Hello, I am Plim!

At Sun-Hi's house Edit

Plim: You're home is nice! Hmm.. Yup, it's the blues. I've definitely seen this before.

Sun-Hi: Really?!

Plim: I was there! - Don't you remember? It was 7 years ago...

(Plim plays a flashback from 7 years ago)

Plim: [Off-screen] You were so bummed out, 'cause you're mom was dead and you're dad seemed uptight.

Sun-Hi: I don't remember that at all. But now that you mentioned it, my dad did seemed uptight.

Plim: Right!