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Debut S1EP3
Gender: Female
Race: Angelbot
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Relationships:  ???
Occupation: Gaurdian
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Home: Heaven
Mi-hee is one of the characters from Believe In Sun-Hi who mysteriously appears in Tenshi City to bring Sun-Hi back to the Heaven.

Appearance Edit

Mi-hee has blonde short hair and red eyes. Her Hair also becomes more frizzy and messy.

Her astro-combat suit is a white/black armored exoskeleton built to help her in battle, which includes triangle shaped plates on the back of her shoulders. The suit does not cover her entire body, however, as it leaves her legs, upper arms, and her wings exposed.

Abilities/Weapons Edit

Status Edit

  • Emotional Control: Low
  • Battle Capability: Medium
  • Processing Capability: High
Ability Description
Attack Shield Mi-hee can generate a nigh-invincible energy shield that can defend against almost all attacks.
Halo Stealth It allows Mi-hee to be invisible without being detected by others.
Download Mi-hee has the ability to upload data and utilize it perfectly, as seen on when she plugs her wires into the computer connecting it to herself and becomes a 'master' hacker.
Powerful Radar Mi-hee has the most powerful radar.
Restart Mi-hee has the ability to repair her broken systems and functions.