Invitation Edit

[The story begins with Sun-Hi and Plim walking to Chad's house while carrying a bucket of chicken.]

Sun-Hi: You got that cooler, buddy?

Plim: Yep!

Sun-Hi: This night party is gonna be off the chain!

[Chad, Kate and others is at the party; everyone cheers.]

Sun-Hi: Watch this, everybody!

[Sun-Hi carries the bucket and throws it into a bowl, everybody cheers.]

Chad: Wow, Sun-Hi, you're pretty cool for this slumber party. Meet my family...

[Chad introduces his family.]

Chad: This is my mom, Violette.

Violette: Hi, there.

Chad: My sister, Kate.

Kate: [Sarcastically] Hey.

Chad: My little cousins, Sour and Cream.

Sour and Cream: [Cooing, crying] Pudding!

Chad: And my aunt Bessy and uncle Bill.

Bessy: [cheerfully] Woo! woo! woo!

Bill: Hello. Hello.]

Sun-Hi: Hmm. Yeah, that's pretty sweet. Hope y'all like getting your minds blown, cause it's showtime!

Chad: Oh, you brought movies!

Sun-Hi: I got "Cool School", "Pony Pooh" , and "Amphora the Bell Ringer".

Bill: Ohh! I love "Cool School".

3 seconds later... Edit

[Everyone is watching a movie, while Sun-Hi is asleep.]

Sun-Hi: *Snoring* *Chad pokes her* Wha?

Chad: Shh! Let's ditch them!

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