[Opens into title "First Take", Sun-Hi is standing in front of the unseen camera.]

Sun-Hi: Oh, I'm sorry. Were you watching something? Too bad! I'm gonna show you how to cook a Pickle Cake!

[A bowl appears.]

Sun-Hi: First, we pour some flour into the bowl. [pours flour into the bowl then throw the bag away] DONE! Second, we pour some milk. [pours some milk into the bowl and throw the bottle away] DONE! Then, drop a pickle into you're bowl. [puts a cucumber into the bowl] DONE! And finally, some fresh mint! [Squeezes a tube of toothpaste into the bowl] FINISH!

[Puts the pan into the oven.]

Sun-Hi: Now, you wait 10 minutes until it's done.

(The title changes to "10 Minutes Later..." The scene shows the Pickle Cake.)

Sun-Hi: [Eats the cake.] And that's how you make a PICKLE CAKE!